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Our Ninth year

We are now in our ninth year of timing races. Our timing software has evolved so that we can time anything from a 5K or cross country run to a 24 hour mountain bike event.

RFID Timing Solution

In order to have better control of data presentation and access to hardware of our choice we have developed our new RFID chip timing solution in-house. We use enterprise level hardware that is scalable to match your event.

Now in addition to bar code timing we offer RFID chip timing.

New Result Pages Available

Now race promoters we can match the look and feel of your website.

See how our results display has evolved and what we are talking about here on our sample results page.

2017 Races

Date Event Event Type Location
Feb 25, 2017 XTERRA Pedernales Falls 10k Trail Run Results
XTERRA Pedernales Falls 25k Trail Run Results
10K, 25K Trail Run Pedernales Falls State Park
Johnson City, TX
March 11, 2017 Buffalo Bayou 45th Annual Regatta Results Canoe Race Sesquicentennial Park,
Houston, TX
April 1, 2017 The Castell Grind 50K Results
The Castell Grind 75K Results
The Castell Grind 100K Results
MTB Race Castell General Store,
Castell, TX
April 8, 2017 Toughest N' 5K Results
Toughest N' 10M Results
Toughest N' 10K Results
Toughest N' 20M Results
Toughest N' 50K Results
50K, 20M, 10M, 5M Run Cameron Park
Waco, TX
April 22, 2017 UNT Adventures in Autism 5K Results 5K Run Denton, TX
April 22, 2017 XTERRA ATX Off-Road Triathlon Results
XTERRA ATX Overall Results
Triathlon Spicewood, TX
April 23, 2017 XTERRA ATX Trail Run 10K Results
XTERRA ATX Trail Run 21K Results
Trail Run Spicewood, TX
June 10, 2017 Muleshoe Triathlon Results
Muleshoe Triathlon Overall Results
Triathlon Spicewood, TX
June 11, 2017 Muleshoe 6K Trail Run Results
Muleshoe 10K Trail Run Results
Muleshoe 21K Trail Run Results
Trail Run Spicewood, TX
July 4, 2017 Stu's Country Mile 5K Results
Stu's Walk Results
5K and 1 Mile Run Centerville, TX
July 15, 2017 Magnolia Hill Tri Results
Magnolia Hill Duathlon Results
Magnolia Hill Overall Results
Triathlon Magnolia Hill Ranch
Navasota, TX
July 16, 2017 Muleshoe 6K Trail Run Results
Muleshoe 11.5K Trail Run Results
Muleshoe 21K Trail Run Results
Trail Run Magnolia Hill Ranch
Navasota, TX
Aug 12, 2017 XTERRA Cameron Park Off-Road Triathlon - Championship & Sports Distances Triathlon Cameron Park
Waco, TX
Aug 13, 2017 XTERRA Cameron Park Trail Run Trail Run Cameron Park
Waco, TX
Sept 9, 2017 Travis Manion 5K 5K Run Denton, TX
Sept 23, 2017 El Camino 205 MTB Race Palestine, TX
Sept 23, 2017 Run for Education 5K 5K Run Bryan, TX
Oct 7, 2017 Back the Blue 5K 5K Run Jewett, TX
Oct 14, 2017 Shannon Pink Ribbon Run 5K and 10K Run San Angelo, TX
Oct 14, 2017 Dark Sky at Canyon of the Eagles 5K and 10K Run Canyon of the Eagles Park
Burnet, TX
Oct 21, 2017 Witness the Fitness 5K 5K Run Kaufman, TX
Nov 4, 2017 The Dirty DU Duathlon Rocky Hill Ranch
Smithville, TX
Nov 11, 2017 Sanderson Farm's Chicken Run 5K Run and Fun Run Waco, TX
Dec 2, 2017 Freeze Your Buns 5K 5K Run Palestine, TX

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