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Race results displayed on live race results monitor

TEN and timing

We are now in our eleventh year of timing races. Our timing software has evolved so that we can time anything from a 5K or cross country run to a 24 hour mountain bike event.

RFID Timing Solution

In order to have better control of data presentation and access to hardware of our choice we have developed our new RFID chip timing solution in-house. We use enterprise level hardware that is scalable to match your event.

Now in addition to bar code timing we offer RFID chip timing.

New Result Pages Available

Now race promoters we can match the look and feel of your website.

See how our results display has evolved and what we are talking about here on our sample results page.

About RedBarn Systems

How we started.


Where we are going.

As a software programmer, I discovered the physical outlet of racing. In 2004, I started participating in Adventure Races. With each race, I would contemplate creating a system for posting race results. In 2009 at the Dirty Dozen I approached Scott and Kathy of Terra Firma to pitch creating a timing software simplifying the race results process.

Haven’t ever been involved with race timing, I believed that races started, races finished and awards were handed out. It was magic! It did not seem complicated. Well I was wrong, one thing lead to another and then the “could you dos” and the “we need to have” and the “it has got to do” turned into the complete timing system currently in use today.


The software automatically generates a final html file for results to be posted in real time. Those results are displayed on a large screen and to our website. Now Grandma can track the progress of the race from the comfort of her rocker.

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